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Esterno masonry paint

Permeable protection using an award-winning paint

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The winner of "Best Breathable Paint"; Autentico Esterno

When painting masonry, moisture mustn't get trapped. Existing moisture must be able to escape without damaging your precious paintwork. On the other hand, your masonry paint should prevent water and dirt from penetrating the film. 

Introducing Autentico Esterno, our award-winning damp-open and permeable masonry paint. Recognized as the Best Breathable Paint of 2022, Esterno is a testament to its exceptional quality and performance. It's not just damp-open and permeable, it's extremely so. 

Damp-open features are measured by assigning a Steam Diffusion factor. Esterno has a factor of 0,034, which is extremely low. The lower...the better.

When dry, the coating forms a protective layer that is as moisture-proof as a high-grade acrylic paint but also has the microporous and vapour-open qualities of a mineral paint. The result is an ideal protective coating, whereby the treated material keeps its properties with regarding the moisture exchange with the environment. Even trapped water due to design or construction errors can dry without causing damage.

  • Damp-open hybrid paint for painting and the protection of masonry

  • Tensio-active, water and dirt can't penetrate the film

  • Fire retardant and self-cleaning

  • Available in all 200+ Autentico colours PLUS all RAL and NCS colours

  • Apply with brush, roller or airless spaying system

  • Covers 6-10 m2/L depending on surface profile and porosity

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Esterno is permeable and damp-open



Water and dirt do not penetrate the film



In our factory, we reuse as much as possible. We want to have as little impact on the environment as possible, without compromising the quality of our award-winning products.

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