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Protect your precious work

From waxes, varnishes to hardwax oils 

Our Finishing collection

A good finish can make the difference; discover our palette of choices. 

Some of our products don't need a finish. For example, Versante is an actual all-in-one paint and is washable, which means it has a built-in moisture barrier. Velvet, too. Being a paint for exterior and interior woodwork, Vivace certainly doesn't need extra protection

Vintage chalk paint, however, is a paint that we made deliberately porous. We did that to make it suitable for all kinds of decorative techniques. This open structure means you must protect your precious work with a finish, and you can do that with wax, varnish or with our hard-wax oil.

Wax is a decorative finish that offers medium protection. It is a decorative finish in many colours, even in some excellent metallic finishes.

Next up is our deco varnish. This varnish is made to protect furniture painted with Vintage chalk paint. It offers good protection without influencing the underlying coats and is matt and non-yellowing. Deco varnish is also great for creating blackboards. 

Venice and Volterra are lime paints. This pure and natural paint is porous by nature. It requires protection, too, when it is applied in high-traffic areas or on furniture. Eco sealer penetrates the lime finish and makes it more water-repellent.

If you need powerful protection, go for the Heavy-Duty varnish. This varnish is developed to protect finishes on floors and staircases. But you can also use it to protect kitchen and bathroom cupboards. Even if they are painted with Versante. See it as coats for extra security.

Finally, there is Grandiose hard-wax oil. This clever mix of waxes and vegetable oils is developed to protect flooring. But you can also use it on top of Vintage chalk paint. Grandiose is strong, while the grain of wood remains visible.

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