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Critical areas need top performers: Vivace for exterior and interior woodwork

Autentico Vivace is our top-performance paint, suitable for interior and exterior wooden surfaces. Its extra durability makes it ideal for various applications, from window frames and doors to chalets and kitchen cupboards. 

Vivace's fine grain reduces the visibility of brushstrokes and ensures a superb finish. Great to use on kitchen cupboards and worktops if a smooth, strong finish is required. And on exterior woodwork, such as window frames and doors. 

No irritating smell, Vivace is fully waterbased. It requires a bridging coat of stainblocking primer to make sure adherence and colour consistency will remain for many years. Vivace is available in a Matt, Eggshell and semi-gloss finish. No extra sealing required.

  • High-performance waterbased paint for exterior and interior woodwork

  • Available in 750 ml, covers 15-18 m2/L

  • Available in 200+ Autentico colours PLUS all RAL and NCS colours

  • Easy to apply with a SOFT brush

  • Available in Matt, Eggshell or Semi-Gloss finish

  • Always apply a coat of stainblocking primer before painting with Vivace.

  • For maximum results, follow the CSCPP method at all times (clean-sand-clean-prime-paint) 

  • No extra sealing/protection required.

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Top performance

Vivace delivers top performance on critical areas

UV filter

The UV filter makes your colours stand out real, brighter and longer.



In our factory, we reuse as much as possible. We want to have as little impact on the environment as possible, without compromising the quality of our award-winning products.

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